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Upcoming events

    • 07-Feb-2023
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

    CIBA's Publisher Picks series is back with its spring edition! We will bring you to the heart of publisher marketing discussions to discover the season's best bets – the books you might not (yet) know you need to stock, but will definitely be glad you have on hand. 

    The goal of these sessions is to give booksellers an insider look at seasonal releases you need to be aware of, and why these books are going to have buzz this season. The focus is on titles that may be flying under the radar, not on the big-name bestsellers. You'll learn both the why and the how from publishers – why they predict these books will be talked about and how you can best put them in customers' hands. 

    Publishers will be presenting highlights only, in a speed-dating format. 

    Attend live or watch the recording and you could win a $200 account credit from UTP Distribution! Email Nicola the special code (which will appear on screen sometime during the presentation) by Wednesday February 22 and you'll be entered into a draw to win!

    Who should attend? Bookstore owners, managers and staff to find out upcoming publisher highlights and how to sell them.


    • Annick Press
    • Arsenal Pulp Press
    • Biblioasis
    • Coach House Books
    • Cormorant Books
    • Douglas & McIntyre
    • Dundurn Press
    • ECW Press
    • Greystone Books
    • Groundwood Books
    • House of Anansi Press
    • Invisible Publishing
    • Kids Can Press
    • Nimbus Publishing
    • Orca Book Publishers
    • Owlkids Books
    • TouchWood Editions

    The event time is listed as ET. 

      • 16-Feb-2023
      • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

      The Penguin Random House self-service portal was relaunched in 2021. The new site provides tremendous business value and amazing capabilities 24/7 – placing orders (including an upload process), tracking shipments, searching a database of over 110K titles, viewing and downloading invoices, and much more. This demonstration will be a chance for those who don’t use it, or don’t use it enough, to see all its main features in action. It is also an opportunity for existing users to ask questions and flag any enhancements they’d like to see in the future. 

      Presenter: Athmika Punja, Head of Operations & Chief of Staff, Penguin Random House Canada

      Time listed is ET.

      • 28-Feb-2023
      • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

      Schools in your local community could be an untapped income stream for your store. But what does the indie bookstore/school relationship look like in action? How do bookstores ensure that school orders are a profitable venture, given the time and work involved? Join our panel of experienced booksellers to learn how they do business with schools, and what you should know before you put a school-sales plan into action. 

      Host: Susan Chamberlain, The Book Keeper (ON)


      • Heather Kuipers, Ella Minnow (ON)
      • Kirsten Larmon, Munro's Books (BC)
      • Jim Sherman, Perfect Books (ON)

      Time listed is ET.

    Past events

    26-Jan-2023 Publisher Picks: Spring Picks from Multinational Publishers
    19-Jan-2023 Ask the Bookseller: Design Your Store for Discoverability
    22-Nov-2022 CIBA Brainstorm: Investing Your Support for Booksellers Funding
    18-Oct-2022 Ask the Bookseller: A Crash Course in Consignment
    06-Oct-2022 LECTURES & LABS: Pre-Holiday Season Website Preparation
    04-Oct-2022 Mythbusting with BookNet Canada: We Fight Anecdata and So Can You!
    29-Sep-2022 STRATEGY SHARING: Curating and Ordering French-language Children’s Books
    27-Sep-2022 Publisher Picks: Fall Picks from Canadian Independent Publishers
    20-Sep-2022 Publisher Picks: Fall Picks from Multinational Publishers
    13-Sep-2022 CIBA Annual General Meeting
    13-Sep-2022 Mythbusting with BookNet Canada: Forthcoming Canadian-authored Books Are Easy to Find!
    23-Aug-2022 Ask the Bookseller: Planning for a Successful Holiday Season
    18-Aug-2022 Using Consumer Insight Information to Do Better Business This Fall
    16-Aug-2022 Ask Us ANYTHING! - CIBA Summer Mentor Series (Session 3)
    26-Jul-2022 Ask Us ANYTHING! - CIBA Summer Mentor Series (Session 2)
    12-Jul-2022 Ask Us ANYTHING! - CIBA Summer Mentor Series (Session 1)
    28-Jun-2022 Publisher Picks: Summer picks from Canadian independent publishers (PART 2)
    21-Jun-2022 Think local: Independent Canadian publishers and you
    09-Jun-2022 Publisher Picks: Summer picks from Canadian independent publishers (PART 1)
    02-Jun-2022 Publisher Picks: Summer picks from multinational publishers
    31-May-2022 Mythbusting with BookNet Canada: Canadian Book Sales at Your Store
    26-May-2022 Use your voice: Share feedback with publishers on the future of virtual and in-store events
    19-May-2022 French-language books for young people: Publisher pitches (session 2)
    17-May-2022 French-language books for young people: Publisher pitches (session 1)
    05-May-2022 Lectures & Labs: Ask the bookseller – Effective sideline strategies
    30-Apr-2022 Canadian Independent Bookstore Day
    21-Apr-2022 Lectures & Labs: French-language books for young people - Part 1: Curating your stock of backlist titles
    12-Apr-2022 Lectures & Labs: Ask the Bookseller - Ordering and replenishment
    07-Apr-2022 Lectures & Labs: Overstock Returns, Dead Stock, and Inventory Reconciliation: Housekeeping Worth Your Time
    06-Apr-2022 How to apply for the new Support for Booksellers grant program
    05-Apr-2022 Lectures & Labs - Mythbusting session #2: You can use sales data information to identify emerging trends in the market
    31-Mar-2022 CIBA Town Hall (for bookseller members)
    15-Mar-2022 Enhance your gift and sideline business with the new Raincoast Distribution Group website
    10-Mar-2022 Lectures & Labs: Flex your Facebook muscles!
    01-Mar-2022 Mythbusters: You can flex your terms and use SalesData to showcase your sales performance!
    03-Feb-2022 Publisher Picks: Books for Young People (Independent Publishers)
    03-Feb-2022 BookNet Canada presents: Emerging trends: Book subjects on the move in the Canadian market
    01-Feb-2022 Publisher Picks: Books for Young People (Multinational Publishers)
    27-Jan-2022 Publisher Picks: Books for Adults (Independent Publishers)
    27-Jan-2022 BookNet Canada presents: I opened a bookstore in the pandemic!
    25-Jan-2022 Publisher Picks: Books for Adults (Multinational Publishers)
    18-Jan-2022 Lectures & Labs: The Business of Returns
    21-Oct-2021 Lectures & Labs @ Lunch series: Cookbooks & comics and graphic novels
    07-Oct-2021 Lectures & Labs @ Lunch series: Indigenous literatures
    23-Sep-2021 Lectures & Labs @Lunch series: Mysteries and Queer Literature
    15-Sep-2021 DISCUSSION FORUM (children's booksellers): Create new readers for life
    14-Sep-2021 LECTURES & LABS: Increasing revenue through gifts and sidelines
    09-Sep-2021 LECTURES & LABS: Handling Prepayments with Bookmanager
    24-Aug-2021 LECTURES & LABS: Effective and timely ordering and reordering strategies for the fall and holiday seasons
    20-Jul-2021 Discussion forum for booksellers: Tips for managing online orders
    22-Jun-2021 What can Instagram do for your bookstore?
    15-Jun-2021 Recreate the browsing experience online: Facilitating the discoverability of in-stock titles
    20-May-2021 The independent bookstore consumer: insights and analytics
    18-May-2021 Discussion forum for children’s booksellers
    11-May-2021 Increase your sales: Improvements to the PRH supply fulfillment chain and rapid replenishment
    04-May-2021 Canadian book buying, reading and consumer habits for data-driven decisions
    27-Apr-2021 Virtual event training: Part two – Managing your live Zoom event
    20-Apr-2021 Virtual event training: Part one – Setting up your Zoom event
    15-Apr-2021 BookNet Canada Tech Forum: Book Industry State of the Nation 2021
    14-Apr-2021 Media Savvy Lunch and Learn
    06-Apr-2021 BookNet Canada Tech Forum: Serving communities in crisis - the bookseller's role
    25-Mar-2021 BookNet Canada Tech Forum: Humane Resources - Managing your people systems with no HR department
    24-Mar-2021 Introducing the Shop Local API, powered by Bookmanager
    23-Mar-2021 BookNet Canada Tech Forum: Come taste the difference good management can make in your crisis!
    23-Mar-2021 Where are the Tourists?
    11-Mar-2021 Relax, Dammit!
    04-Mar-2021 Replenishing Your Stock
    23-Feb-2021 Bookselling in the Era of Virtual Events
    11-Feb-2021 COVID-19 Success Stories: Creative and Adaptable Solutions
    04-Feb-2021 Adapting to the Online Retailer Model: Tips from Bookmanager on Managing Your E-commerce Website
    27-Jan-2021 CIBA Coffee Break: Get to Know Your Association
    15-Oct-2020 CIBA bookseller welcome


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