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To offer programs and services and promote policies that support the strengthening of Canadian independent booksellers (CIBs).


A Canada where thriving, diverse, and independent booksellers contribute to Canadian community, literature and culture. 


  1. MEMBER SERVICES: Provide programs and services and build relationships that improve the indie bookseller business environment by helping members engage and expand their customer base, increase sales and business viability, and reduce member costs. 
    • Host and manage a membership portal that facilitates member communications, knowledge sharing, and external marketing;  
    • Explore potential of new markets (eg. libraries, schools); 
    • Facilitate improved relationships, terms, and conditions with suppliers; 
    • Explore group buying opportunities (shipping, credit/debit clearance, insurance); 
    • Build strong partnerships with industry groups; 
    • Provide marketing support to members, for example through shared campaigns, media outreach, and other activities. 

  2. LEARNING AND NETWORKING: Offer members relevant, timely, and targeted professional development, business development, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities that improve business results and staff development and retention.
    • COVID response: Address CIBs’ immediate need for support and guidance in the changing COVID environment; 
    • Lectures & Labs: Lead a virtual learning series that expands the professional capabilities of CIBs in the areas of business, marketing, and technology (e.g. helping members maximise their use of bookselling technology like Bookmanager and Booknet Canada); 
    • Networking and knowledge-sharing: Create a networking forums and opportunities for members to share best practices, expertise and challenges with other members, and document successes and learnings;  

  3. ADVOCACY: Create a collective voice for independent booksellers in Canada, and represent member interests within the bookseller community, and with publishers, governments, and other industry groups. 
    • Represent member interests with provincial and federal governments and funding bodies, and other industry groups; 
    • Build strong relationships with arts media in Canada to keep the importance of independent bookselling, and issues affecting independent booksellers in the public consciousness 


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We wish to acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund.

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