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Welcome to CIBA!

If you are a Canadian Independent Bookseller looking for resources, professional development, networking opportunities, news and updates, and a strong united voice on the issues that matter most to your business, you’re in the right place!


    • Connect virtually with booksellers peers from across the country to share experience, expertise, and insight through member forums and networking events
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders in the wider book and publishing industry
    • Have your store listed in CIBA’s Bookseller Member directory
    • Contact book industry colleagues through CIBA’s directory for Bookseller Members, Affiliates, and Associates


    • Learn from experts on topics of importance to the business of selling new books including sales data, business planning, technology, marketing, events, and HR through our targeted Lectures & Labs series
    • Access our exclusive Guide to Bookselling in Canada, which is designed to address the needs of prospective, new, and experienced booksellers
    • Access a members-only portal with business resources, advocacy updates, supplier relations updates, marketing resources, sales data and reporting, and more

    Have Your Voice Heard

    • Have a voice on key issues that affect independent booksellers and representation on federal and regional policy issues
    • Benefit from CIBA's ongoing efforts to strengthen relationships with suppliers including publishers and distributors of new books
    • Contribute to an association that is building a stronger and more vibrant independent bookselling community in Canada

    Save Time and Money

    • Access group buying opportunities and discounts for the sale of new books
    • Access special reports and other offerings that can help your business
    • Access marketing support including opportunities to participate in shared campaigns and activities
    • Optional add-on: Access group membership to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) for an additional fee, including supplier discounts, learning events, an extensive library of businesses resources, and live phone support with business questions. Click here for details.

    Who is eligible to join as a Bookseller Member?

    A privately held Canadian owned independent bookseller with one to ten locations selling new books. Canadian independent bookseller members are entitled to one vote at all meetings of members. The membership application will ask a number of questions about you and your store(s). 

    • Although CIBA’s programs and services are designed to promote the sale of new books, secondhand bookstores and specialty stores (e.g., stores primarily selling other items) are eligible as long as they sell some new books on an ongoing basis
    • Privacy: You can decide what information is kept completely private, shared only with fellow members, or shared with the general public
    • Administrator: The person who signs up for CIBA will be considered the membership Administrator and will be the main point of contact for important member communications
    • Additional registrants: CIBA’s membership software will allow you to register additional individuals in your organization as part of your membership bundle
    • Dues: Suggested self-assessed membership dues are based on your store revenue and are kept strictly confidential 
    • CFIB Add-On: Booksellers may opt-in to the group membership with CFIB, which is reflected in your final dues selection
    • Yearly or Monthly: As a Canadian indie you have the option to pay monthly or annually—cost savings are applied to those who choose to pay annually
    • Please note: due to the settings required by our membership system, you will be charged your self-assessed dues + $1
    • HST will also be added to your annual or monthly invoice
    • Payment options: CIBA’s membership portal accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, or will email you an invoice for payment by cheque

    Sales Annual Dues Annual Dues + CFIB Monthly Dues  Monthly Dues + CFIB 
    $ 236.25$18.90$24.15
     $150,000-$299,999 $236.25$354.90$22.05$33.60
     $300,000-$449,999 $393.75$591.15$36.75$55.65
     $450,000-$599,999 $593.25
     $600,000-$749,999 $762.75
     $750,000-$899,999 $932.25$1,299.90$79.80$119.70
     $900,000-$1,049,999 $1,023.75$1,536.15$93.45$140.70
     $1,050,000-$1,199,999 $1,181.25$1,772.40$108.15$162.75
     $1,200,000-$1,349,999 $1,338.75$2,008.65$122.85$184.80
     $1,350,000-$1,499,999 $1,496.25
     $1,500,000+ $1,575.00


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