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CIBA Member portal

The CIBA member portal is a professional space where members can engage in dialogue with their peers, enjoy thought-provoking blog content, access discounts, and read the latest CIBA advocacy news. 

We have so much planned for members this year, including:

  • Keeping members up to date on publisher specials, group-purchasing opportunities, and shipping discounts 
  • A resource bank for booksellers (marketing, COVID-19, and more)
  • Member directories (by category)
  • Member-only professional forum: Where you can post questions or thoughts about topics important to your business and seek advice from CIBA and your peers 
  • Member-only social forum: Where you can engage in light discussion, share successes, or invite other members to participate in events or activities.
  • A member-only blog containing think pieces from CIBA and your peers about topics important to the bookselling sector 
  • Sales widgets to bring you up to date sales figures to help improve business decision-making

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