This month we're pleased to share the results of Canadian Independent Bookstore Day, our picks for Asian Heritage Month, an interview with Lethbridge's Analog Books, upcoming events and more. Settle in and scroll down for this month's update from CIBA. 


On April 24, 2021 CIBA hosted Canadian Independent Bookstore Day (our first!) and we were thrilled with the response. Even though we couldn’t gather in-person, there was a palpable energy on the big day – you could really feel the love!

CIBA kept bookseller needs at the forefront of our planning in this challenging year. We created a framework that allowed booksellers to invest only as much energy and time as they were able – and CIBA took care of the rest! Between bookstore activities, our contest, and media coverage, booksellers saw an increase in sales as well as in public support.

We had our best sales day since we opened even with miserable weather (people waited outside in the sleet & rain as we were restricted to 8 in-store), alll 50 swag bags were gone by noon and we had to call in extra help.” – Scott Warris, Analog Books (Lethbridge, AB)


“The first ten or so people in the morning shouted 'Happy Independent Bookstore Day' to us as they entered the store. It was really sweet that they made the effort. And throughout the day there were many of the same shouts as people entered the store". Mary-Ann Yazedjian, Book Warehouse Main Street (Vancouver, BC)


“Sales were more than five times the previous Saturdays and even more than our last in-person CIBD (Apr 27, 2019)” – Shelley Macbeth, Blue Heron Books (Uxbridge, ON)


The centerpiece of our campaign, our CIBD 2021 Contest for Book Lovers, incentivized book sales, celebrated indies as champions of Canadian literature, and promoted some wonderful creators. And the results were outstanding! We are grateful to our partner publishers and authors for their generosity.

Finally, CIBA built a robust marketing strategy for the event. We designed assets in three concepts to reflect the uniqueness of indie booksellers, created shareable social content, invested in paid advertising, and focused our media outreach on the vital role that indies play in Canadian culture. As a result, we reached more people than ever!

We can’t wait to begin planning for 2022. Your comments will help inform our plans for next year. If you haven’t yet done so, please send your feedback to CIBA Project Director, Nicola Dufficy.

Canadian Independent Bookstore Day was proudly coordinated by CIBA to amplify the message of our members and celebrate independent bookstores across the country. If your store is not yet a CIBA member, we urge you to join now, and contribute to our vibrant community of Canadian independent booksellers! The results of this year’s CIBD prove that we are stronger together!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate independent bookstores this year!


For Asian Heritage Month, CIBA is shining a spotlight on Linda Rui Feng, Genki Ferguson, Larissa Lai, Jen Sookfong Lee, Thao Lam, Ann Shin and Sarah Suk, Canadian authors of Asian descent who are contributing to Canada’s rich literary landscape. Join us in celebrating Asian Heritage Month and the achievements of all authors of Asian descent in Canada by reading and sharing their stories.

Read more about these authors and their books here.


"Call it nostalgia, sentimentality, or even schmaltz, the reality is we all long for belonging. We want to be part of something that makes us feel good and accepted for what we are as individuals. Big-box, national chains, corporate stores (and definitely webstores) just can’t duplicate the personal touch of an owner curated and operated small business."

Analog Books, "a unique spot for books and thoughts", opened in Lethbridge toward the end of 2020 and has already been awarded Best New Business in Lethbridge. Co-owner Scott Warris filled us in about the welcome they've received in their new home, the distinct look of the shop, their vision for the future of the store, and their very popular store cat, Hugo.

Read the Q&A here.


Increase your sales: Improvements to the PRH supply fulfillment chain and rapid replenishment
Athmika Punja, Director, Operations at Penguin Random House Canada, takes you through the ways the business has adapted during the pandemic and discusses how recent improvements to PRH’s .biz website and overall supply chain fulfillment can increase your sales hand in hand with the best practices of rapid replenishment.
Presented by Penguin Random House Canada

Tuesday May 11

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland

This session is only for CIBA Bookseller Members and will not be recorded.

Discussion forum for children's booksellers
Children’s booksellers: are you interested in connecting with industry peers on a semi-regular basis to share ideas and discuss the issues that affect your business? For the first meeting of children’s booksellers, join Kelly McKinnon of Vancouver Kidsbooks for a practical and insightful conversation about the particularities of selling children's books during the pandemic and in the new normal.
Presented by CIBA and Kelly McKinnon, Kidsbooks

Tuesday May 18
4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland

This session is open to CIBA Bookseller Members only.

The independent bookstore: consumer insights and analytics
Sarah Tutty, Director, Insights and Analytics at Penguin Random House Canada, walks through observed trends over the past 12 months as they relate to your customers' buying habits with a dive into who independent bookstore consumers are. 
Presented by Penguin Random House Canada
Thursday May 20

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland

This session is only for CIBA Bookseller Members and will not be recorded.

Diversity and inclusive representation in Canadian consumer habits
Do Canadian readers want more diversity in the books and authors they read, and if so, are they able to find what they are looking for in the book supply chain? BookNet Canada's diversity research attempts to answer these questions by using feedback from English-speaking Canadian readers.

Presented by BookNet Canada
Thursday June 3

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland
Thanks to BookNet Canada this session will include closed captioning.

Recreate the browsing experience online: Facilitating the discoverability of in-stock titles 
Research shows that book-buying customers are looking to recreate their in-store browsing experience online. This session, presented by Bookmanager's Trevor Neill, will help you create that experience for your customers by facilitating the discoverability of in-stock titles on your website. Specifically, you will develop strategies around featured lists, menus, and limiting clutter to help customers find (and buy!) the books on your shelves.

Presented by Trevor Neill, Bookmanager

Tuesday June 15

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland

What can Instagram do for your bookstore?
Why Instagram? Join HarperCollins Canada for a session on the fastest growing social network! Learn the basics of creating and maintaining a presence on the platform, as well as what to post and how to build your following.

Thursday June 22
4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, 8 pm AST, 8:30pm Newfoundland

Details and Registration

Many of us used Zoom for the first time to stay connected to our community during the pandemic. CIBA recently hosted a two-part series, presented by Live Event Academy, on how to host successful online events; designed for those looking to pick up new tips to improve audience experience and those who need to review the basics of how to host your own author events.

Did you miss these sessions? Never fear – you can access both recordings and a slew of supplementary resources in CIBA’s member portal.

Not a CIBA member and feel you’re missing out? Sign up now!


Penguin Random House Canada (PRHC) is pleased to announce an extended payment plan for Canadian independent bookstores. Independent bookstores with standard terms will receive an additional 30 days of dating on all PRHC invoices dated June 1, 2021 and forward.

This program will commence with all initials and reorders that invoice on June 1st. 

Eligible independent bookstores: full-line physical bookstores (more than 50% of their sales are books) that carry a wide range of adult and children’s PRHC titles, and which continue to offer in-store shopping and/or curbside pick-up to the public at least 20 hours a week, unless otherwise mandated by the government.

Eligible titles: all titles that appear on PRHC invoices including all PRHC imprints (Adult and Children’s), DK, and all Penguin Random House Distribution Clients (PRHPS).

Accounts must be in good credit standing to participate in this program. For additional information, please contact your PRHC Credit Representative.

Don’t miss your chance to help us learn more about the health and needs of independent booksellers across Canada. We want to know what challenges you're facing as well as what's working in your stores — if you've ever wanted to have your retailer voice heard, here's your chance.

Please take a moment to complete BookNet Canada’s State of Bookselling survey.

BookNet will aggregate and anonymize the results to create The State of Bookselling in Canada 2020 report which will:

  • enable and inform data-driven decisions across the industry
  • capture the reality of bookselling in 2020 (their 2018 report dispelled some common myths)
  • benchmark changes over time to show trends in the industry
  • benchmark your store against others
  • help BookNet, CIBA, and other industry organizations pinpoint initiatives that will support independent bookselling
  • support lobbying efforts
  • give media the information they need to write stories about the sector

Every response we get helps to create a clearer picture of Canadian independent bookselling. As a thank you for completing our survey, every respondent will receive an early copy of the final report, as well as a complimentary copy of The Canadian Book Market 2020.

Deadline for survey responses is May 31.
Complete the Survey

Thank you to BookNet Canada for sharing a selection of links tailored for CIBA members:


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Available now in the Professional Forum, the recording of "The Work of Bookseller Associations", a recent Books Across Borders (BAB) event that brought together the leaders of international bookselling associations and also featured CIBA Executive Director, Doug Minett. Also just posted: upcoming events from BAB including "How to Host an International Event", "Global Picture Books" and "Translation Rep Picks".

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