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Join us - Book Industry Organization (Associate)

Welcome to CIBA!

If you are a publisher, distributor, or sales & marketing agency looking for networking opportunities, Canadian book industry news and updates, and an active forum to collaborate on issues that matter to your organization you’re in the right place!

As an Book Industry Organization (Associate), you’ll have a chance to:


  • Connect virtually with booksellers from across the country to share experience, expertise, and insight through member forums, networking events, and case-study webinars;

  • Collaborate and network with key stakeholders in the wider book and publishing industry; 

  • Have your organization listed in CIBA’s Associates directory for publishers, distributors, and sales & marketing agencies;

  • Contact book industry colleagues through CIBA’s directories for Bookseller Members, Affiliates, and Associates;



  • Submit session proposals and/or lead virtual sessions through our targeted Lectures and Labs series. Share topics of importance to you and your organization, including sales presentations, improved supply chain performance, business planning discussion, innovation in the use of technology, marketing concepts, and more;

  • Receive and contribute to monthly newsletters providing the latest in book and bookseller news and updates;


Be Part of the Conversation

  • Have a voice on key issues that affect independent booksellers, and representation on federal and regional policy issues. 

  • Contribute to an association that is building a stronger and more vibrant independent bookselling community in Canada.

Who is eligible to join as an Book Industry Organization (Associate)?

Publishers, Distributors, and Sales & Marketing Agencies.

The membership application will ask a number of questions about your organization.

    • Privacy: You can decide what information is kept completely private, shared only with fellow members, or shared with the general public.
    • Additional Organization registrants: CIBA’s membership software will allow you to register additional individuals in your organization as part of your membership bundle.
    • Dues: Suggested self-assessed membership dues are based on publishing sales revenue and kept strictly confidential.
    • Payment options: CIBA’s membership portal accepts payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, or will email you an invoice for payment by cheque. 

    SalesAnnual Membership Dues
    Less than $149,999 $150 
    $150,000 to $499,999$200
    $500,000 to $999,999 $300
    $1,000,000 to $1,499,999
    $1,500,000 to $4,999,999$1,000
    greater than $5,000,000


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